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SENSE REPORTING A customizable and dynamic IR-reporting program for effortless report creation.

Surveying is all about turning high volumes of diverse data into meaningful insights. Engineers can spend around an hour for each three hours of surveying, manually transferring data from their IR sensors and cross-referencing and matching it with the images, making monitoring and predictive maintenance a tiresome task. With SENSE REPORTING we offer inspection workers an easily operated tool for fast and versatile report creation. Customizable and dynamic templates reduce the risk of inaccuracies and errors, while shareable graphics give access to review results, accuracy, and consistency.”The software interface allows users of all experience levels to

”The software interface allows users of all experience levels to set up reports that look good. You can effortlessly bring together all your data in a matter of seconds,” says Daniel Sällstedt, CEO, and founder of the Sky Eye platform.

Key features include:
Almost instant Generates 100 pages in under 15 seconds
Fully customizable templates and reports
Dynamic styles and templates for different image groups
Profile plot Renders multiple lines, measurement from one or more thermal images
Histogram plot Multiple lines from one or more images
Conditional formula Separate expressions for ‘True’ value, ‘False’ value and the condition itself profiled

The software is available as part of Sky Eye’s software solutions as of now. For more information including videos and demos contact us at info@skyeyeinnovations.se.

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