One powerful platform fits all

RESELLER ESSENTIAL One platform, three models – that is all you need to know.

We have been listening to some of your feedback regarding our packaging and are about to simplify how we bundle and communicate around our products. And while we are at it, we have also added new elements and upgrades to all our standard packages. The power of having all extras that we used to offer in our ready-to-work packages is now a standard Sky Eye feature for all platforms.

So basically, Sky Eye is one powerful platform that gets tweaked into three different designs to accommodate you and your clients specific camera models and different needs.

Sky Eye Micro perfect for smaller cameras and super easy transport.
Sky Eye Prime
designed to carry Flir Systems T-series, A-series, G300a, 
Sky Eye Mammoth
can carry all Flir cameras, perfect for long missions and heavy payload.

We will be updating our website information accordingly in these upcoming weeks. In the meantime please contact us for more information at

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