Software for automated processing of thermal data


Designed to help thermographers, engineers, and scientists save useful time and money, SENSE BATCH is a new batch processing software focusing on automating the time-consuming refinement of thermal images.

The new software enables mass adjustments of thermal images rather than working one image at a time, offering an easily operated tool for customization of collected thermal data. SENSE BATCH helps with generating overlays, choosing palettes, color distribution, setting autoscale and parameters such as temperature and emissivity. The latest release also introduces a built-in image editor for thermal fusion alignment, sequence playback segmentation, sketch image replacement and more.

”With Sense Batch we are improving and adding to our thermal imaging software suite, creating a unique and powerful platform for thermal imaging tools. Manual processing of thermal imagery is tedious and cost prohibitive, and we have identified the need for automated processing to be able to work with the increasing volumes of thermal images and data critical for decision-making. Automating that workflow, even with smaller amounts of imaging and sequences, can save you and your business, valuable time and resources,” says Daniel Sällstedt, CEO, and founder of N.M.M Innovations the company behind the Sky Eye platform. ”Sense Batch could save days of your business time every month.”

The Sense Batch software helps improve accurate, reliable data to make informed decisions for industry players and provides an efficient and intuitive user experience.

”The Sense Batch software interface allows users of all skill levels to setup and utilize batch processing. You can apply an isotherm, change palette or find extreme spots and mark them with measurement tools – all in a matter of seconds, ” says Patrik Hellström, Chief Operations Manager of the Sky Eye Innovations hardware and software solutions.

The software is developed to support images from all FLIR cameras: T10xx Series, T6xx Series, T4xx Series, Exx Series, Ex Series, Cx Series, A3xx Series, A3x5 Series, A6x5 Series, Ax5 Series. The file formats we support are SEQ, ATFV, CSQ, JPG, IMG.

SENSE BATCH is available as part of Sky Eye’s Sense Software solutions as of now. For more information including videos and demos contact us at

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