Sky Eye and the No Man Machine

The adventure started from thermographers’ demands for a agile and more advanced airborne sensor technology that could deliver accurate data to base actual decisions on. And from our own desire to work more user-centric in an increasingly fast-paced drone industry.

Our solutions are applicable on all areas where thermal imageries and gas detection is used today. We can mount and control specific professional sensor technology and deliver valid and accurate radiometric data needed by thermography professionals for post and live analysis. Our platform is being used for risk assessment and inspection purposes in industries like agricultural- and forest management, on- and off shore oil- and gas industry, wind turbine, solar panel etc. Also projects like wildlife monitoring, inventory, and anti-poaching. We also see that our platform, used as an open source, is able to serve scientific services and projects.

Our machinery is builtĀ for daily use in theĀ field and allows the operator/inspector to work with camera functions without being depended on infrastructure like 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connectivity etc. Our solutions can be used whether it is hot, cold or damp. They are reliable and developed with fault tolerance and optimal flight times. These are important considerations for our customers.

The way we operate and innovate

Sky Eye airborne solutions are unique being able to both securely lift and control nearly all of FLIR Systems high-end thermal and gas imaging sensors. There are no other solutions like this out there in the world! But we don’t rest there.

We differentiate ourselves from other drone manufactures through our way we innovate in close collaboration with other world-leading developers and our users. Everything we do depends on what the customer really needs. Become more efficient, reduce costs, increase output and reduce the risks for staff and surroundings.

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