Strong for heavy lifting.
Accessible. Easy data collection.
Extreme inspection. Maximum performance.
From the ground. Remote control your airborne data collection.

Extreme performance airborne solutions for every professional use.

All Sky Eye solutions are based on one powerful and flexible platform that can be modified to do almost anything. To enhance effectiveness and to be able to solve a wide range of particular tasks, the platform has been tweaked to accommodate specific sensors and different needs.

Which Sky Eye is right for you?


Lightweight design with extreme flight times.

Sky Eye Micro is perfect for smaller sensors and cameras, and super easy to transport.

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Proven design with extreme versatility.

Sky Eye Prime designed to carry Flir Systems T-series, A-series, G300a and high resolution visual cameras.

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Robust design with extreme power.

Sky Eye Mammoth can carry all Flir cameras, perfect for long missions and heavy payload.

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More than machine. Built-in intelligence.

Every airborne solution comes with fully integrated software to get the most out of every mission – intelligence that helps you control your sensor over the air and collect data that is of actual use.

The software addresses even the most advanced thermal and optical gas sensors, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for industries and inspection workers collecting sophisticated data from the air.

Sky Eye Sense Collect

Effective with extreme sensor control.

Sky Eye Sense Collect gives you instant control of Flir System sensors over the air.

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Unlimited. All you can fly and high speed data transfer.

Elistair Power Box
Elistair Power Box

All our airborne solutions are ready for Elistair’s tethered stations for drones (Safe-T and High-T) to give our platform unlimited autonomy and data transmission for secured operations. A direct power supply from the ground station through the micro-tether provides unlimited endurance and replaces the battery, resulting in a continuous, reliable, and secure power source.  The micro-tether is armored to withstand more than 100kgs of traction which guarantees unbroken and unjammable data transfer. This tethered system is able to run from several hours to several days. Designed to be in adequation with Civil Aviation laws, the system brings a greater legal flexibility of operations.

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In case of emergency. Ballistic recovery system.

Galaxy Parachute System
Galaxy Parachute System

The Sky Eye platform comes equipped with a unique rescue and failsafe parachute system. Many of our customers use our solutions in very sensitive environments like refineries, gas plants etc. and mount the machines with expensive sensors. The world-leading parachute system helps them to improve safety on the ground, protect their investments and heighten the fault tolerance of our systems even more.

The Galaxy parachute system is available for several weight classes. Proven effective from under 10 meters. Takes down your aircraft at 4 m/s.

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