Micro - A flexible tool for data collection
Optimized to carry smaller sensors
Wherever - carry on you back or in the box


The Sky Eye Micro is the smallest UAV model of the Sky Eye product range and the perfect tool for search, rescue, overview and surveillance.
With advanced technology, the Micro is optimized to carry smaller visual and thermal sensors like FLIR SYSTEMS Vue Pro senors.

Transportable and always ready to use with long flight times.

The Micro has exceptional flight characteristics with its robustness and flexible flight response. The Micro boasts a flight time of 45 minutes with optimal configuration and an operating height of at least 2600 meters.

Tethered system
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Open for interpretation for research and science

Can withstand even the harshest conditions and winds.

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  • Operating height 2600 m
  • Operating temperature -30 °C – +50 °C
  • Operating speed 15 m/s


  • Rate of climb 6 m/s
  • Maximum thrust 120 N


  • Recommended GvW 4,000 g (135 oz)
  • Maximum payload 500 g (17 oz)


  • Diameter 80 cm
  • Height 20 cm
  • Width 23 cm
Plug & play high-end Sensors


  • FLIR Vue Pro
  • FLIR Vue Pro R


  • High Resolution Visual Camera