From the ground. Remote control your airborne data collection.
No wifi. Operate your sensors by radio.
Manage your sensors over the air.

Sense Collect

The Sky Eye Sense Collect camera controller gives you unique remote control of your high-end thermal sensors. You can toggle trough preset palettes and measurement profiles set temperature range and record radiometric data together with high-resolution visual video.

Infrastructure independent solution

Sense Collect communicates via radio link without the need of infrastructures like 3/4G or Wi-Fi connectivity. The software is developed on the official and latest FLIR SDK and fully supports post analysis in FLIR Tools and Tools+ as well as Research IR. The Sky Eye Sense Collect Camera Controller, as part of The Sky Eye UAV platform, will give you the perfect tool to collect valuable data for analysis and predictive maintenance.

World first

Professional data collector for post analysis to support predictive maintenance planning

Hardware integration

Unique combination of sensor, software and extreme performance UAV allows you to control high-end sensor functions from the ground

Plug and play high-end sensors

FLIR GF-3xx/G-3xx Series
FLIR A-xx Series
FLIR T-xx Series
High-Resolution Visual Camera


Recording of radiometric data onto onboard PC

Control your sensors over the air
  • Set temperature range
  • Start/Stop SEQ file recording
  • Spot, box, and line profile
  • Thermal and video view switch
  • Smart adaptable UI interface for an optimized user experience
  • Toggle preset palettes and measurement profiles
  • Trigger focus on what´s important
  • Take radiometric JPEG Snapshots
  • Informative data overlay to visualize important data during collection
  • HSM mode for GF-3xx and G3xx Series