Smart tethering of Sky Eye airborne solutions with Elistair Safe-T/Safe-T Data

Get unlimited autonomy, enhanced safety, and strong data transfer capabilities by adding the Safe-T tethered solution to the Sky Eye package. The Safe-T tethered system is lightweight, quick to deploy, ruggedized and designed for field operations.

Endless Aerial Surveillance

Risk-free and efficient surveillance for both night and day use. Sky Eye tethered airborne solutions can be deployed for long-term operations in order to cover a large area for several hours. Suited for police forces, public safety operations, firefighting, traffic monitoring, crisis monitoring or military operations.

Secure Industrial Inspection

With an added tethered system to our Sky Eye airborne solutions, you dramatically increase the safety of your inspection operations through a reliable power supply and secured communications. Useful for inspection of wind power stations, telecom towers and antennas, airports, oil refineries and drilling rigs, energy infrastructures, viaducts and dams inspection and more.

Also perfectly suited for air monitoring, aerial broadcasting, temporary telecommunications and more.

  • Power your drone with unlimited autonomy.
    Reliable and redundant power with embedded smart safety battery
  • Secure high-speed data transfer.
    Secured 60 Mb/s data link, resilient to interferences and hacking
  • Get a more flexible legal framework.
    Easier flights over sensitive sites and crowded areas.
  • Ensure industrial grade
    Strong and reliable, with over 500 hours of testing
  • Compatibility
    Can be used together with all Sky Eye airborne solutions