Overview. Solar Panel Inspection.
Detect. Pipeline Inspection.
Stay ahead. Predictive Maintenance.
Crop management. Optimize growth.
Enhance inspection. Use your fixed cameras in a new way.

Sky Eye solutions. A game changer for inspection.

By combining all Sky Eye solutions unique features with world-leading sensor technology we are changing the game for professional inspection workers and thermographers in all fields. We help you be more effective and prominent, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Our solutions allow our customers to carry out inspections, inventory and overview on the most challenging assets to achieve quality and maintenance control. For example

  •   Thermal Isolation Analysis
  •   Oil & Gas Pipeline inspection
  •   Solar Panels inspection
  •   Agriculture Crop and Livestock Monitoring & Management
  •   Infrastructure Inspection
  •   Power Line / Cable inspection
  •   Wind Turbine Inspection
  •   Bridge infrastructure Inspections
  •   Forestry Management & inspection
  •   Aerial Terrain Mapping
  •   Road & Railway Track inspection
  •   Flair Tip Inspection
  •   Aerial Terrain Mapping
  •   Radiation Measurement & Monitoring
  •   Leak detection
  •   …and much more

What is your project? We would love to hear more about your focus and challenges. You can find us on FB, Twitter or info@skyeyeinnovations.se

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