Optimize your workflow.
Save valuable time.
Take the tiresome out of reporting.
From the ground. Remote control your airborne data collection.

Sense Software

The Sky Eye Sense Software suite provides you with everything you need to utilize your thermal data to its full potential. Designed with the end user in mind, Sense Software solutions create a comprehensive and powerful thermal imaging support to be used for data collection and analysis to ensure optimal flow, maximized benefits and favor growth.

Designed to streamline thermal intelligence.

All our Sense Software applications are created to facilitate the entire work process of collecting, managing and analyzing thermal data.

Sense Collect

The camera controller software gives you unique remote control of your high-end thermal sensors.

Sense Reporting

The IR reporting software will create professional inspection reports almost instantly.

Sense Batch

The batch processing software automates the time-consuming refinement of your thermal images.

Sense Display

The image viewer is an easy way to inspect your collected data obtained with Sense Collect and convert your files to SEQ.

Sense Camera Detect

The camera detector will help you to detect UVC-enabled (USB-connected) cameras as well as display radiometric and visual stream.

Camera support

All our software solutions are developed to support images from all FLIR thermal imaging cameras: T10xx Series, T6xx Series, T4xx Series, Exx Series, Ex Series, Cx Series, A3xx Series, A3x5 Series, A6x5 Series, Ax5 Series.

Everything you need

Sky Eye solutions add value every step of the way.

Sky Eye is working to provide technology and methods for each phase of the inspection lifecycle. We offer a wide range of inspection solutions in every step of the value chain from hardware to software.

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