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Creative Analytics Pack

Creative Analytics software package provides you with everything you need to get started with your thermal analytics work.

Work more efficiently with Sense Batch thermal images batch processing software and automate a number of tedious tasks; normalize images to use the same temperature unit, apply an isotherm, change palette or find extreme spots and mark them with measurement tools – all in a matter of seconds.

With Sense Reporting software you can generate reliable reports that look good both within the software and as shareable or printed versions. So easy, you’ll be creating professional inspection reports almost instantly.

Purchase Creative Analytics Pack including Sense Batch and Sense Reporting today.


What comes with the Creative Analytics Pack?

  • The most powerful thermal imaging batch processing software available, automating your work with imaging and sequences
  • Easy to use IR reporting software, automating your data reporting and visualization
  • Full e-mail support
  • Instant online delivery – download and start using the software immediately

Two weeks money back guarantee!

If you don’t love the software, return it for a full refund.

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