We empower inspection workers in every field.
Extreme solutions for extreme conditions.
Extreme software for extreme sensor control.

Extreme machinery for extreme endurance.
Extreme performance for extreme inspection.

Meet Sky Eye

Airborne sensor intelligence combined with robust, secure, precise machinery.

Stop spending time guessing. Merge positioning data with visual, thermal and optical gas imaging for well grounded and confident decision making.

Camera control

Sense Collect.

UAV platform

Airborne Solutions.

Data management

Map Sense.

All our solutions are ready to connect and control high-end imaging

Plug and play all your sensors

FLIR A-series
FLIR A-series
FLIR T-series
FLIR T-series
FLIR GF-series
FLIR GF-series
FLIR 1020/1030sc
FLIR 1020/1030sc
FLIR G-series
FLIR G-series
FLIR Vue Pro
FLIR Vue Pro

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  • As a dynamic and innovative company, Sky Eye and its staff have been at the forefront of developing practical solutions to the deployment of FLIR / UAV technology...

    Cailean Forrester
    Cailean Forrester Managing Director, Inpectahire
  • I have no qualms at recommending Sky Eye as a leader in innovation and the manufacturer and supply of UAVs...

    John Rennie
    John Rennie Operations Director, Inspectahire
  • When an operator has the ability to maximize the complete capabilities of a Flir camera, it greatly enhances the project and leads to a more complete analysis of the application.

    Andy Beck
    Andy Beck Owner, Viper Drones


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