We empower inspection workers in every field.
Extreme solutions for extreme conditions.
Software solutions for thermal imagery.

Sensor intelligence solutions and high-performance engineering. Make the most of thermal imaging.

Collect, assess, plan, execute. We can help you simplify the work you do every day. Get your high-end sensors moving and discover new ways of collecting essential data for reliable decision making. Review and assess vulnerabilities of critical assets. Prioritize and plan your next actions with the help of clear, concise summaries and detailed reports. We can help you all the way.

Remote sensor control

Our software enables unique high precision command and control of the functions of the sensor over the air (OTA). We support smarter sensors for sophisticated optical gas and thermal imaging.

Extreme performance drones

Our machinery is built for daily use in the field and allows the operator to work without being depended on infrastructure like 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connectivity etc. Our solutions can be used whether it is hot, cold or damp. They are reliable and developed with fault tolerance and optimal flight times.

Thermal analytics software

The Sky Eye Sense Software suite provides you with everything you need to utilize your thermal data to its full potential and is created to facilitate the entire work process of collecting, managing and analyzing thermal data.

Plug and play all your sensors

All our software and unmanned solutions are developed to support images from all FLIR thermal imaging cameras: T10xx Series, T6xx Series, T4xx Series, Exx Series, Ex Series, Cx Series, A3xx Series, A3x5 Series, A6x5 Series, Ax5 Series.
FLIR A-series
FLIR T-series
FLIR GF-series
FLIR 1020/1030sc
FLIR G-series
FLIR Vue Pro

UAV Data Collection

Our platform is designed to fit a wide variety of sensors. With the integration of software to our extreme performance UAVs, we enable our users to plug and play nearly all FLIR Systems high-end optical gas and thermal sensors. Even the handheld T-series and GF-series units, which opens up for a whole new range of possibilities for our customer’s operations.

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  • As a dynamic and innovative company, Sky Eye and its staff have been at the forefront of developing practical solutions to the deployment of FLIR / UAV technology...

    Cailean Forrester
    Cailean Forrester Managing Director, Inpectahire
  • I have no qualms at recommending Sky Eye as a leader in innovation and the manufacturer and supply of UAVs...

    John Rennie
    John Rennie Operations Director, Inspectahire
  • When an operator has the ability to maximize the complete capabilities of a Flir camera, it greatly enhances the project and leads to a more complete analysis of the application.

    Andy Beck
    Andy Beck Owner, Viper Drones

Partners & Collaborators

Sky Eye partners and collaborates with other organizations, businesses, and associations to develop products and services that innovate gas imaging and thermal inspection solutions.