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Which Sky Eye is Right For You?

What makes Sky Eye unique?

The body’s one level design with nothing attached underneath, in combination with the mechanical and electronic setup, makes this design extremely resistant to winds and rough conditions.
The machine is delivered fully assembled, configured and tested. We build on an order basis to be flexible and able to meet the customer’s wishes.
World leading parachute performance. Total time of full canopy opening up to 1 sec. Reusable just reload. System state health check.
An inner & outer skeleton attached to each other thru our unique vibration damping system. The solution is highly complex but adds one extra level of vibration damping from the motors and propellers.
The Sky Eye Innovations UAV’s are designed to be handled under rough conditions and stand though environments.
To guarantee it’s functionality we test and seal the system before shipping to ensure the systems aren’t tempered with after been tested.
Allows you to regain control if experiencing a degraded flight performance. The system is built on a FC switchboard and two Flight Controls to switch between.
Stable footage that you deserve. A combination of the dual chassis design attaching the inner and outer chassis using hydraulic dampers delivers incredible stable shoots even under tough circumstances.
Thanks to the adjustable battery plate it is very easy to identify Central of Gravity. The machines fly as good and with the same accuracy with one battery pack as with three.
The machines are built to hold and can be picked in almost any end. We build to ensure the solutions can stand a daily in field work handled correctly.
Depending on what solution and setup you choose we guarantee a certain flight time. Flight times may differ depending on your chosen configuration.
Service and support agreement availability. Send your machine to us on regular basis for service and repair.


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