We are N.M.M Innovations Sweden AB, also known as Sky Eye Innovations; a designer and manufacturer of unmanned and radio controlled aerieal vehicles.

Our team consists of highly skilled and driven technical professionals, but we deliver more than mechanics and electronics. To us it's all about comprehensive solutions and service support, and we value understanding our customers' individual needs. Through our collaboration with Flir Systems, the world leader of thermal imaging, we are able to supply you with full package solutions and service throughout our journey together. We work closely with our clients to ensure the best quality and that they get the most out of our platforms, and deliver a powerful and far more complete system than most of our competitors.

We are, as our name indicates, an innovation based company. A hybrid of think tank and production. We believe in exploring the new and having fun doing it but also in performing well and delivering results, which we do together with a wide network of creators and designers.

Our dream is to share and test new things, work with awesome and inspirational people, and achieve epic results in our chase of fun.

e-mail: info@skyeyeinnovations.se
Tel: +46 73 0844723

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twitter: @skyeyeflies

N.M.M Innovations Sweden AB
Gotlandsgatan 44, 116 68 Stockholm Sweden

We are working on publishing our official website, web shop and authorized dealer site. Meanwhile for dealership, product and price inquiries contact: resellers@skyeyeinnovations.se

We would love to hear from you anytime soon

N.M.M Innovations Sweden AB a.k.a Sky Eye Innovations

Org number: 556953-2772 (No Man Machine Innovations)